Dragon Age: Bad Company

Session 2 - Cluster#$&*

What? No. There was no session 2. What are you even talking about?

Now let us never speak of this again.

Session 1 - Hanging By a Thread

Our brave trio met on the gallows. After a thrilling (if haphazard) rescue by rebel fighters under Maric Theirin, our crew discovered three things: exposition takes a while, the mage is ALWAYS right, and Vassago is a goddamn coward.

The trio were then offered a place in the rebellion, promised anything they cared to name… if they can put Maric Theirin on the throne. And survive.

The company set off for Denerim, to investigate rumors of grisly murders linked to blood magic and the Imposter King’s advisor, the corrupt Tevinter Mage Severan.

The company quickly discovered that a fringe cult, calling themselves “The Chantry of the Stilled Tongue” had been using mirrors to summon demons across the fade into this world. At present, they rush to save an innocent life put in peril for some nefarious plot of the Stilled Tongue cultists.


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